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Building community and increasing accessibility to early modern literature is at the heart of my work. I wear the accessibility of my professional work (a term echoed throughout reviews in the performance archive) with pride. If Shakespeare is 'for all time' then we - as scholars and practitioners-  have an obligation to ensure that he is also 'for everyone' regardless of race, gender, or ability. This mission also is reflected in my ongoing work with international students and non-English language productions of early modern plays around the world.

I am a proud advocate of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. This includes the 35//50 initiative that began in Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 territory in Alberta, and pledges a commitment to achieve at east 35% BIPOC and 50% female-identifying representation by 2024. In the UK, I recently began work on a majority-BAME production of Romeo and Juliet that is due to open in Shoreditch in 2021. We have an obligation as practitioners and academics to set a positive example for this and future generations. I am committed to setting the right example in both my pedagogy and practice.

I am committed to inclusivity and fairness in all aspects of my practical and scholarly practice. This includes an ongoing pledge to honour race, ability, and gender-equal opportunities. In 2017, I became the first director in the history of Canadian theatre to cast a female actor as Henry V, which led to this ridiculous headline in the Edmonton Metro. Furthermore, I am committed to equality casting in all roles. This includes casting female actors as Brutus, Antony and Casca in Julius Caesar (2020), ensuring an equity of representation in the production. 

I am an advocate and volunteer for a number of charities that combat homelessness and poverty in the UK and Canada. Winter is always a dangerous time for our vulnerable communities and the coronavirus pandemic has hit the homeless population especially hard. I am currently raising money for the Mustard Seed (Canada) and Crisis (UK) with a new live stream production of Twelfth Night, filmed on January 5, 2020. If you are able, please consider donating the the project in Canada here, and in the UK here.

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