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Performance Shakespeare 2016 & Rethinking the 'Global' in Global Shakespeare

I am a Research Assistant on two projects that explore the impact and afterlives of the Shakespeare400 celebrations. With the 'Performance Shakespeare 2016' project, I am responsible for archiving performances of Shakespeare's plays around the world during the 400th anniversary year. This is a SSHRC funded project led in collaboration with King's College, London, and the Folger Shakespeare Library.

'Rethinking the 'Global' in Global Shakespeare' is a SSHRC funded project led by Professor Susan Bennett. It explores the afterlives of the Shakespeare400 events in the 'Performance Shakespeare 2016' archive, and traces the legacy of the 400 anniversary with companies that presented the plays in languages other than English.

Pandemic Shakespeare: Pedagogy and Practice

I am conducting a PaR study of early modern performance practice and pedagogy during lockdown. In a forthcoming article I argue that working on Zoom, while necessarily limited, has had some surprisingly positive effects for my personal practice with Shakespeare's text.


The study explores two branches of my early modern practice and pedagogy. First, I argue that Zoom is particularly well-oriented for the management and delivery of early modern theatre pedagogy through my experiences leading a weekly discussion group: 'Shakespeare Sunday'. 


Second, I outline the results of three explorations with Shakespeare's text in live, online 'performance', with the presentation of heavily-edited versions of Macbeth, Hamlet, and Twelfth Night. The last of these was performed on January 5, 2021 and is raising money for charities that work to combat homelessness in the UK and Canada. 

Shakespeare's 'Forgotten Playhouse'

I am also developing a major new research project that uncovers the remarkable textual and performance legacies of Shoreditch’s Curtain Theatre. The project develops my PhD research to reveal the forgotten history of one of Tudor London’s most influential playhouses. I am currently developing three main project outputs:​

  • A digital catalogue of the Curtain Theatre’s history and its uses. The catalogue will feature an interactive timeline of performance dates, textual and repertory status of play texts, and details of the venue’s non-theatrical events. It is my hope to publish the results of this research in a scholarly monograph titled: “Shakespeare’s Forgotten Playhouse”.

  • A new collection of essays that explore the varied importance of the Curtain upon the development of early modern theatre practice. The collection will develop from an interdisciplinary symposium, and I hope to encourage some degree of collaboration between scholars and practitioners in the finished book.

  • A new digital edition of The Birth of Merlin. The play was performed at the Curtain in 1622, but the text hasn't been presented in a modernized edition since 1855. The digital edition would also allow for the incorporation of performance materials alongside the play's text.

I welcome feedback, suggestions, recommendations, and contributions towards the project. Please feel free to contact me here.


The Performance Shakespeare 2016 archive records performances of Shakespeare's plays all over the world in the 400th anniversary year.

Macbeth LIVE with the National Arts Centre of Canada's #CanadaPerforms series.


The original designs for a sunken exhibition space at the site of the Curtain Playhouse (c.2016), part of Galliard Homes' "The Stage" redevelopment. These have since been adapted to the shape of the rectangular playhouse.

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