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I am an instructor of record in English and Drama at the University of Calgary, Canada. I am currently teaching the undergraduate 'Introduction to Drama' course, which offers  a survey of Greek, Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration, Victorian, 20th and 21st Century plays. I also teach 'Literature and Society', an entry-level course introducing first-year undergraduates to textual studies. I have four years experience as a teaching assistant working with ENGL205 (Shakespeare), and was awarded Student's Union Teaching Excellence Awards in 2017 and 2018 for my work with Shakespeare's plays. My pedagogy is interactive and interdisciplinary, using features of performance and textual studies to inform my teaching in both disciplines. As an undergraduate course leader, my first priority is breaking down barriers students face when approaching Shakespeare's text, increasing the accessibility of the plays through practical, multimedia, adaptation, and translation assignments.


I lead workshops for BFA (acting) and drama students, as well as professional actors and wider publics with an interest in Shakespeare. My practical workshops are informed by a combination of Original Practices, Brook, Berry, Grotowski, and Suzuki frameworks. My ongoing research project "Shakespeare and the Five Wits: How to Think Like a Elizabethan Player" merges these diverse practical approaches with my cultural materialist research, to develop a systematic model for contemporary Shakespeare actor training. Through these workshops, I aim to trial a new pedagogy for approaching early modern plays in performance; with a lively, diverse, and interactive style that is informed by Original Practices and targeted towards creating a renewed Shakespearean theatre for the twenty-first century.


'Shakespeare Sunday' is a free, open, online course that I am coordinating during the pandemic. The course is a weekly play-reading and discussion group that features an international cohort of participants drawn from a wide variety of walks of life. The events offer a welcoming intellectual community for participants affected by lockdown. Please feel free to contact me for more information to to get involved here.


Shakespeare's Globe Player is a fantastic resource for filmed versions of Globe productions, including the entire Globe to Globe season from 2012. 

Sticking with the Globe, the Muse of Fire series is a wonderful archive of interviews and reflections from actors, directors, theatre professionals, and scholars.

Digital Theatre holds a wide range of Shakespeare titles from the RSC and the National Theatre.

NT Live carries titles from the National, the Donmar Warehouse, the Bridge Theatre, and Chichester Festival Theatre.

The Folger Shakespeare Library maintains an online archive of free-to-use scholarly texts of Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, and poems. 

For a wider range of digital content, Internet Shakespeare Editions provides free-to-use digital texts with running commentaries and interactive glossing.

The Merchant of Venice at 'Shakespeare Sunday'

31 May, 2020

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